Know Your Maltster

Get to know the Maltster – Mike Adams

I’ve enjoyed a lifetime passion for cooking and I’m always on a quest to discover new flavor combinations that elevate the dining experience beyond the norm.  I also like to shop local and organic, hitting farmer’s markets for fresh, locally produced veggies and patronizing local meat and cheese vendors in my area.  One of my favorite locavore habits is to hit the local craft breweries and distillers.  In Missouri we are fortunate to have some VERY talented brewers and distillers and it’s my pleasure to lift a glass to salute their efforts.

When I learned that craft malting was a re-emerging industry and a big part of the farm-to-table movement, I knew it was time to get my hands dirty.  I read every book I could find on the subject then I signed up for training at the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre in Winnipeg, Canada, and the American Society of Brewing Chemists in Wisconsin, and started to build my dream malthouse. The journey took two years and it has been a bumpy ride, but it has been worth it. I’m excited about working with farmers in our area to develop quality grains for malting and then passing those products to the brewer and distiller to make 100% Missouri grown and crafted products.

First Beer Memory –

I was about 7 years old and one night, during dinner, I noticed my father drinking a beer.  This was not typical.  He rarely drank beer or spirits.  I asked him what it tasted like and he offered me a taste.  I took it.  Much to his chagrine it didn’t offend.  He made sure I didn’t get any more for many years.

Dream Beer Vacation –

A bicycle tour of Belgium where we stop at every brewery we can and sample as many ales as our bodies allow.

Favorite Part of the Malting Process –

When the malt is in the bag, because only then can I rest.  Otherwise my favorite part of it is the kilning process.  At that point the aromas and the freshness of the malt are especially strong.  I like to sit back and imagine how those aromas might lend themselves to beer flavors.

Favorite Way to Cook with Beer or Spirits –

That would have to be barbeque.  Set the flame low and after a few beers put the meat on the grill.  Just kick back and enjoy the moments.

Favorite Style of Beer –

What else, the malty ales.