Bombshell Bette MaltTM

Malt Details
  • Extract FG: 80.1%
  • Protein: 10.3%
  • Alpha Amylase: 56.10
  • Beta Glucan, mg/L: 43
  • Color: Pale/2.7
  • FAN, mg/L: 199
  • Diastatic Power, L: 163
  • Flavor Characteristics: Floral, bready, slightly nutty with a creamy finish

Bombshell Bette TM is a proud member of the Gateway house malt series. As a tip of the hat to 1940’s bombshell starlets, Bette is one of our most stunning pale malts. Locally sourced barley is malted and kilned in Montgomery County, Missouri to a 2.7 SRM for more robust flavor and aroma profile. With excellent friability and extract potential, Bombshell BetteTM has become a brewer favorite. This malt is excellent for all ales, but particularly cream ales due to its creamy mouth feel.

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