Bombshell Bette TM
Malt Details
  • Extract FG: 80.1%
  • Protein: 10.3%
  • Alpha Amylase: 56.10
  • Beta Glucan, mg/L: 43
  • Color: Pale/2.7
  • FAN, mg/L: 199
  • Diastatic Power, L: 163

New product! Bombshell Bette TM joins the Gateway house malt series. As a tip of the hat to 1940’s bombshell starlets, Bette is certain to be one of our most stunning pale malts. Locally source barley is malted and kilned in Montgomery County, Missouri to a 2.7 SRM for more robust flavor and aroma profile. With excellent friability and extract potential, Bombshell BetteTM will be a brewer favorite. Call to check availability now.

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