Rouge Knees Malt TM

Grown by our partner farmer in Montgomery County, MO, this malt is in stock and wonderfully aromatic. Fully modified and lightly kilned, Rouge Knees is great for your local seasonal wheat beer!

Whisper Sister Malt TM

First in our new series of signature Gateway house malts, Whisper Sister MaltTM, embodies its name from a woman who ran a speakeasy during prohibition. Whisper Sister is sweet and bold, pale and not too showy, but sure to impress. Fully modified and kilned to a pilsner spec, Whisper Sister shows her chops as the malt in gold medal winner, Mango Milkshake IPA of Kansas City Bier Meisters 36th Annual Homebrew Competition by our friends at Fourscore Brewing’s Lincoln Purvis.

Midwest-grown Tradition Barley

A plump, six-row barley that presents more like a Pilsner malt. You can expect a fast conversion rate with this malt’s high enzymatic power. Limited production run.

Missouri-grown Thoroughbred Barley

A standard, fully modified malt with good flavor. Ideal for Farm-to-Tap local craft beer, this barley has been locally sourced in Missouri and malted in Missouri. Grown by a Morgan County local farmer. For a truly local product, call for availability and price today.