Handcrafted Malt

We’ve been hard at work.

Our Process, Our Passion – Ridiculously Local

At Gateway Custom Malt, we perform painstaking in house testing to insure the highest quality product meets not only your needs, but our meticulous standards. Our goal is to produce the finest Missouri signature base malt using a farm-to-table approach. We constantly look for and research the regional rural community for enterprising farmers. In this way we from an alliance with local farmers and brewers to provide a completely local malt made in Missouri that benefits the regional economy and consumer. In addition to our in house high standards, our malts have laboratory analysis inspected by the Hartwick College Center for Craft Food and Beverage.

Missouri-Made Malt:  What makes it a more local Craft Beer?

The main ingredient in beer is its malt extract–the soul of the craft beer, if you will. This process, for Gateway Custom Malt, begins with locally sourced grains. Hands on from the farmer to the brewer. The grain is touched many times from gathering and cleaning the grain to the drawing the deep well water and grain to the steeping table and turning to the final stage in malting, the kiln-drying.  Drawing on the grain’s local character the starch-to-sugar conversion produced by the dried kernels develops the beer flavor, color, sweetness and style.

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